Katja Öhrnberg - Elixirs

Date: 01/06/2020 11:00 - 22/12/2020 15:00

Venue: Café Söderlångvik

In her art Öhrnberg deals with the presence of thoughts, consciousness and emotions. The Elixirs exhibition shows her interpretations of health and well-being. The installation 200 elixirs – What do you need? consisting of little coloured bottles on the café wall takes our thoughts to physical remedies. But there is a more spiritual aspect underlying these works, which accentuates the importance of states of mind and emotions for wellbeing. Many of Öhrnberg’s works spring from the idea that help can be found in simple moments. Moments divested of pointless activity can be filled with wisdom. 

Öhrnberg uses the paintings’ abstract, stratified colour surfaces to depict, for instance, the relationship between movement and the moment. That relationship is made concrete in the long chains of generations that she portrays in I was here. Each generation’s signs and “tags” are products of their own time, while carrying with them meanings from generations now past.

Öhrnberg’s exhibition continues in the Manor House grounds – or more precisely on the eastern side of the main building, at the beginnings of the Ladybird Trail that winds its way through the forest. In the exuberantly coloured Circle Dance sculpture we return to childhood games in which human and nature pranced merrily together. Join the circle and listen to what the trees have to tell you!



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Event: From 01/06/2020 11:00 to 22/12/2020 15:00