Lilla Masugnsträsket Lake Trail

You will get to Lilla Masugnsträsket nature trail either from Dalsbruks sports field, along the exercise track, along the nature trail Dammen or from Hertsbölevägen, east of Lilla Masugnsträsket.

The path goes along the beach to the desert-like Lilla Masungsträsket. Along the path there are foot-bridges because of a small marsh area on the swamps west side. You can find cranberries among the sphagnum, so pay close attention. When you have climbed up the mountain, a lovely view over the dark swamp opens. You can also walk along the path in the winter, because it is actively used by the villagers.

From the path divides also a longer, excellent path to Senatsberget. Follow the path on Google Maps.