Cruises to Rosala Viking village and Bengtskär lighthouse

The best route to Bengtskär lighthouse goes through the Hitis archipelago.

On the way to the tallest lighthouse of the Nordic countries, we will make a stop at the Rosala viking village. In this authentic environment you can experience how vikings were living and what they did, as Rosala has been one of the main destinations of the historical Viking route.

The history is present also at Bengtskär lighthouse: the museum tells you the story of families who have been living on the island taking care of the important lighthouse, as well as the more recent battle during the World War 2. There is a cafe, chapel and hotel on the small island, and the warm-hearted staff make your day unforgettable. Daily departures from Kasnäs from begining of June until end of August. Timetable and bookings: Wilson Charter.

We do carry also bicycles, so that you can combine a one-way Bengtskär-cruise with a boat trip to/from Hanko on the Coastal Route bicycle route.

In case of heavy winds it is impossible to dock at Bengtskär. In those rare cases the destination of the cruise is Örö fortress island.

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