Bird watching is fascinating all year round: there's always something exciting to see and hear. At the beginning of the year, it pays to get to the archipelago, on bird issued because the sea ice kept long and mild winters stops seabirds on the coast. In early spring starry nights you can hear the owls cry by fields and forest edges.
In early summer, the nesting is in full swing and the nature filled with singing and playing. Early summer is the best time for night-bird outings since many bird species especially in wetlands and reed sing during the nights. Archipelago bird world falls silent during the height of summer but there are plenty of seabird chicks.
Waders begins its autumn fled in June. Most of the migratory birds moving in early September. Best time to go with the autumn migration is the end of the month from September to October, but even in November-December can see swans fighting on the fields.
NatureGate introduces you to Finnish birds and other creatures in the nature. Besides of the most common birds, it is easy to spot white-tail eagles and ejder ducks on Kimitoön. Wilson Charter organizes trips to Bengtskär lighthouse for spotting hundreds of ducks in the spring time. Dalsbruk provides great possibilities for spotting eagles: more that ten of them have been spotted on the ice at one time, as they hunt after fishermen's throwaways.