Ski on lake Stora Masugnsträsket

Just a few steps from Dalsbruk, around 700 meters from the very center of the village, you stand at the shore of the scenic lake Stora Masugnsträsket. The lake, with its surrounding hills, forests and swamps, mediates a feeling of wilderness. Only at a small stretch of the south-west shore civilisation is present with a few houses visible, once you have passed this area, you are alone with the birds, trees and scenic surroundings.

During wintertime, when the snow- and ice conditions allow for it, a 7-8 kilometers long ski trail is made on the lake. The first 500 meters of the trail runs along an illuminated exercise track until you get to the small canoe jetty at the lake shore. From here, the trail continues out on the lake ice and winds close to the shoreline all the way to the northernmost end of the lake and back on the other side of the lake. Some winters, a run is made also into the forests surrounding the lake. 

The trail is not illuminated, instead it is perfect for a moonlight tour.

It is not possible to rent skis in Dalsbruk, so please bring along your own skis.


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