Dalsbruk - Taalintehdas

Dalsbruk - A factory village in the archipelago

Dalsbruk is a society that is strongly influenced by its long history as a factory town and its place by the Archipelago Sea. The proximity to the sea is important to this community- during the summer the town is filled with boaters and summer guests. Dalsbruk is the largest community in the old Dragsfjärd municipality which is now a part of the Kimito Islands municipality. 

Finnish industrial history is strongly present in Dalsbruk. When you come to Dalsbruk via the main road you first encounter the old residential buildings and many outbuilding all with their foundations built of slag stones, then the homes of the lower paid workers and finally the harbour and industrial area where the oldest factory buildings can be found. The factory museum depicts the history of the village from the 17th century.

Today, Dalsbruk is a popular destination for tourists. With its historic and beautiful environment, beautiful harbour, hotels and restaurants, there is so much that appeals to visitors.The village is surrounded by sea, lakes and forests. It is easy to get acquainted with the local environment by walking along the nature trails that meander through the forest and pass between the lakes. If you climb to the top of Senatsbergets (Senate Mountain), the reward is a breath-taking view over the island.

Baltic Jazz is arranged annually in the beginning of July and is the largest public event on Kimito Island. Festival Norpas livens up/enlivens the village in August and September Open - a medieval festival with a harvest market - ends the summer season and attracts a record number of visitors each year. The village association organises well attended Christmas and Easter markets and the weekly Wednesday markets between 9-13, especially in the summer, are a must for both villagers and visitors.