Hitis - Rosala | Hiittinen - Rosala

Hitis - Rosala islands

Hitis and Rosala are two living archipelago villages in a wonderfully beautiful archipelago area. Hitis and Rosala have the largest permanent settlement of the islands in the Kimito Island archipelago with no fixed road connection to the mainland.

The islands have plenty of activities all year round: a shop with café, a library with village info and handicraft shop, an elementary school, fire brigade including first response, sea surveillance station, senior service accommodation and more. In addition, there are several summer cafes, guest docks, tennis and sports fields, swimming beaches as well as bicycle and kayak rentals. You can also experience Finland's second oldest wooden church, giant pots in the extraordinary nature and much more.

You can easily get to and from Hitis-Rosala thanks to the car ferry MS Aurora. You can bring your own car, and for those who like to get acquainted by cycling, the distances are very suitable - the country road that runs from one end to the other on the island pair is 9 km long. The visit is also perfect to combine with the Coastal route: You can take ashore in Hitis, cycle to Rosala and continue from there for example to the Bengtskär lighthouse. The lighthouse belongs to the Hitis archipelago area and is one of the most outstanding sights in the entire country.

Hitis-Rosala, formerly called Kyrkosundsskär, is located on the old eastbound fairway that was used even before the Viking Age. Archaeological excavations have been made in Kyrksundet, where the islands now meet and connect with a bridge, and on Högholmen in the southeast corner of Hitis village.In Rosala village is the Rosala Viking Centre, a versatile visitor’s center that presents the archipelago's Viking history, and which organizes, among other things, one of the summer's biggest events, the Viking Days, which take place annually in the middle of July.

A rich association life and a large number of leisure residents make Hitis and Rosala buzz with life in the summertime, and you can go to an interesting event every weekend and many days in between. The contrast to winter is great, but even in the quieter times, the villages are worth a visit - it is precisely the silence and the heartbreakingly beautiful nature that is the experience.

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