Finnish Archipelago Sea

The world's largest archipelago area, the Finnish Archipelago Sea, consists of over 40.000 islands and skerries, only a fraction of these inhabited. Only two hours from Helsinki, the Kimitoön area is the gateway to this fascinating archipelago and in itself a perfect base for exploring the finest destinations of the Archipelago Sea and the Archipelago National Park

Explore the Archipelago Sea 

1. Bengtskär

Majestic Bengtskär lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in the Nordic countries. During the summer, tour boats or charter cruises are organised from Kasnäs and Rosala daily. The boat journey through the archipelago is an experience in itself.

Explore the Bengtskär lighthouse island 

2. Kasnäs

Enjoy high quality hotel accommodation in an idyllic seafront environment, taste delicious fish buffet and pamper yourself at the spa. The guest harbor is located near all the services that Kasnäs has to offer. Tour boats and charter cruises organized from Kasnäs pg. Örö and Bengtskär islands.
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 Explore Kasnäs

3. Högsåra

Högsåra is an idyllic historical pilots’ village just 5 minutes from the mainland with a free ferry.Enjoy the sandy beaches, pittoresque village and Farmors café with its fabulous lunches, dinners and cakes.

Explore högsåra

4.Hitis & Rosala 

Take a free ferry from Kasnäs for a daytrip to Rosala and Hitis. You can spend a day as a viking at the theme park, or just walk around and breath the fresh archipelago air. Restaurants and cafes feed you during the day.

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5.Örö & Archipelago National Park

Örö is a fascinating fortress island and a part of the Archipelago National Park. Experience the over 100 years long military history, cultural attractions and beautiful scenery. Two trails leads you through the archipelago woods and hot sunny meadows to the sandy beaches and the cliffs with magnificent panoramic sea views.

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