Explore the Kimitoön Main Island

1. Rent a bike

Want to explore the neighbourhood? The main destinations of Kimitoön have bicycles for rent, which you may also drop off to another destination. If you feel really sporty, you can ride the entire Coastal Route that goes through Kimitoön, Salo, Raseborg and Hanko! Or then try a smaller part of it. For a shorter day trip, try the stretch from Kimito;Dalsbruk along the south side of the main island. If you have more time to spend on a bike, go all the way to Kasnäs and take the free ferry to Hitis and Rosala to continue exploring in the archipelago!

mainland bike kopia

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2. Canoeing at Stora Masugnsträsket

Rent a canoe and explore the Stora masugnsträsket Lake in Dalsbruk. The route around the lake is about 6 km. You can rent canoes from Räpylä shop and postoffice, that serves as an information point for Dalsbruk.

mainland canoeing

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3. Nature trails

The Kimito Islands offer plenty of short hiking trails which show the best of the areas forests and sea shores. The Finnish everymans' rights makes it possible to hike also outside the marked trails as long as you respect the nature, keep from making fires and take all trash with you to the trashcans.

mainland senatsberget

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4. Söderlångvik Estate

Södelångvik Manor, art and culture-historical museum is businessman and art collector Amos Anderson´s (1878-1961) former summer residence. The main building of the estate is right now undergoing a renovation, but to focus on what else there is to see is not a bad thing at all. Try hiking the nice nature routes around Söderlångvik. Maps are found on the website www.soderlangvik.fi . Enjoy the flowers in the garden, maybe by having a picnic. Café Vivan is a charming restaurant in the old barn on Söderlångvik manor. They will make you a picnic basket for enjoying outdoors if you do not wish to eat in!

mainisland soderlangvik 

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5. Sagalund

Sagalund is one of the oldest and largest open-air museums in Finland and it consists 26 historically valuable buildings with about 70 authentic room interiors. Located in Kimito center.

mainland sagalund

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6. Storfinnhova smoke sauna

The Storfinnhova smoke sauna is a unique experience and is apart from the beauty of the sauna also said to have one of the best 'löylys', saunabathes, in the world. Inside the underground granite sauna there is a small waterfall and a natural pool to cool down in. The Storfinnhova forest village also has tree huts to sleep in and a beautiful knights hall to eat and enjoy the evenings in.

mainland storfinnhova

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