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Made in Hitis

You can find a wide variety of products made in the archipelago at the small craft shop Made in Hitis. We sell products of both craftsmen and enthusiasts of crafts who live in the archipelago. Our aim is that the shop, which is located in the library in the town center of Hitis, will have an interesting and versatile variety of products. 

There are craft products, lifestyle goods and local food sold in the shop. In the same building with the shop you can find a local library and an information desk, there you can rent a kayak during the summer season.


At the moment our suppliers are:

  • Anita Österberg (Textil AÖ), Hitis
  • Anna Fihlman, Hitis
  • Annika Baarman-Sundblom, Västanfjärd
  • Berit Rosenberg, Böle
  • Desiré Roman (Dessis Skärgårdskök), Ängesö
  • Gudrun Juslin, Hitis
  • Gun Gustafsson, Västanfjärd
  • Gunilla Sahlberg, Stubbnäs
  • Gunn Fihlman, Böle
  • Henna Renfors (Own Design), Västanfjärd
  • Inge-May Koskelin, Västanfjärd
  • Jarl Hohenthal, Dalsbruk
  • Kristina Fihlman, Böle
  • Kristina Nyholm, Hitis
  • Lussi & Petri Järvinen (Silver Fish), Kasnäs
  • Marika Modig (ikasyr/Vänö Ull), Vänö
  • Mona Wennerström, Böle
  • Pia Gustafsson (Tindra Design), Hitis
  • Rita & Sixten Laine (Rosala bagaren), Rosala 

Welcome in to take a look!

More information ...

  • Service available Meeting room, WiFi
  • E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Address Stormnäsvägen 28, 25940 Hitis
  • Phone 1 +358 50 54 54 645