The Archipelago National park

The archipelago sea is one of the world's most beautiful archipelagos and in terms of its nature is one of Finland's most biologically diverse areas. The Archipelago National Park is rich in bays, rocky islets and forested Islands. The National Park is made up of a mosaic of these barren islets and fertile landscapes intertwined together into a unique whole. You can go on adventures to explore the diverse landscape or simply find peace by the sea. The grand archipelago offers unforgettable experiences throughout all seasons.


You can move freely through the archipelago with your own boat or a rental. To get to the national park's islands you can also hire a taxi boat or participate in a guided tour. To get to the islands which are inhabited year-round you can take the state operated ferries. During the the winter you can enjoy the thrill of speed while tour skating through the beautiful archipelago landscape. The Kimito Islands Tourism Information is happy to provide you with ideas and tips about activities and tours in the national park.

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